Simply Good News

I use the Bible app on my smartphone. Every day I read the verse of the day, watch the video, read the devotional, and read the prayer.

I like this app because it also has a great search feature which makes bible study easier. I can also listen to the Bible read to me while I walk or go for a drive.

One of my favourite presenters in the videos is NT Wright. Most video presenters are from the United States of America, with some from Australia and the Republic of South Africa. Most are also young.

Please don’t think that I don’t appreciate people from the USA or the young, but I do like older persons who speak with authority. NT Wright fulfils that criterion more than adequately.

I enjoyed the beginning of this talk when NT Wright spoke about the 2003 Rugby World Cup final between Australia and England. He has an evident passion for rugby, and his joy in retelling the story was clear.

By Gary

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